What is this?

Welcome to RANT TREK, a watch along video series for all of Star Trek. Your host, Fabian A. Scherschel, watches episodes of the various Star Trek shows and comments on what is happening on screen – which, invariably, includes a lot of rants and swearing. You will lear quite a lot of tidbits and behind-the-screen factoids about Trek, hopefully in a funny and entertaining manner.

How does it work?

To watch along, start the video on YouTube and queue up the episode in question with your video delivery mechanism of choice in a second window. Because I'm in Europe, I'm watching a streaming version of the episodes on Netflix. But this should work with anything, including the DVDs of the various shows.

Press play when I tell you to. I'll also show you now and again where I am in the episode so you can sync up. Don't worry if it's not 100% synchronised, just have a drink and relax, we'll have some fun together anyway.